Volume 05 - Issue 02 (February 2021)


Title: Meshing and Post-processing Capabilities of Open Cascade SALOME and its Compatibility with Solver Code Saturne for setting up physics and run the simulation
Authors: Manoj Kumar AP, Suresh KV, Yogish Rao
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 01 - 11, Vol 05 - No. 02, 2021
Abstract: This paper describes about the features of open cascade SALOME for meshing engineering components, post processing using Solver Code Saturne to run the simulation and post processing by ParaVis to analyze the results. The objective of this study is to explore the features of SALOME/Saturne as an alternate to commercially available CFD tools without compromising the quality of the result. The study includes the comparison of SALOME/Saturne with other commercial tools with respect to cost, ease of carrying out preprocessing and post processing and end result validation. Modeling is also possible with this tool and user can model any part in the Geometry module covered in this paper. In the current paper, an exhaust manifold is taken for carrying out simulation to determine pressure drop and velocity inside the system. The step by step procedure for meshing is well explained and 3D images of pressure drop and velocity are shown. In another example, a simple pipe flow is taken as example and simulation has been carried out using SALOME/Saturne to determine the pressure drop and mass flow rate calculations. The results are validated through theoretical calculation.
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Title: Effect of injection pressure on performance and emission of CRDI engine operated with biofuel produced from cashew nut shell liquid mixed with Honge methyl ester
Authors: K.V.Suresh, Peter Fernandes, Raju.K
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 12 - 20, Vol 05 - No. 02, 2021
Abstract: In this research work, raw Cardanol, which is a biofuel based on a non edible plant, produced from cashew nut shell liquid(CNSL) was blended with Honge methyl ester (HME) used as a test fuel in a VCR CRDI diesel engine.Biofuel blends C5H10 (5 % Cardanol +10 % Honge methylester +85 % Diesel), C10H10,C15H10and C20H10 were prepared and tested under varied load conditions at three different injection pressures(300 bar, 400 bar and 500bar) and compared to diesel fuel. It was found that when the injection pressure increased from 300 to 500 bar, the brake thermal efficiency improved from 30.53% to 31.93% for C10H10 compared to 32.54% for diesel with reduction in Carbon monoxide (CO) and unburned hydrocarbons but Nox levels and smoke opacity were observed to high. From this study it is shown that 500 bar injection pressure found optimum for C10H10 blend could improve the performance and emission in diesel engine.
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