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Volume 02 - Issue 03 (March 2018)


Title: Design and Analysis Of Π Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna
Authors: Er. Nitin Agarwal, Beenu Kushwah, Km Kanchan, Mohit Sharma
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 01 - 06, Vol 02 - No. 03, 2018
Abstract: In this paper a π shape microstrip patch antenna is studied and analyzed. Here IE3D software is used for simulation and getting results for VSWR, Return losses, gain, and many other parameters for operating frequency of 5GHz. The return loss comes out to be -35dB for this designed antenna. Coaxial probe feeding technique is used to feed the designed antenna as it is easier to implement. IE3D simulation software V.14 was chosen to simulate the structures
Keywords: Coaxial probe feeding, π shape patch antenna.
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Title: Design and Fabrication of a Single Slope Solar Still Using Brackish Water
Authors: Kotingo K.W, Jumbo E.E, Tuaweri T.J
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 07 - 15, Vol 02 - No. 03, 2018
Abstract: The design and fabrication of a solar still as well as an experimental study were properly carried out. The solar still is made up of some component that consist of an exterior wooden box, which houses the entire still unit firmly griped to the base stands, the flat plate collector is made of aluminium sheet which is used for making the still unit, the isolating material used in lagging is to minimize the heat lose, it is made up of a foam and channel for water inlet and outlet passage made of a PVC pipe. Brackish water was used in carrying out the experiment; the sun was the source of power which radiates the required solar energy that is converted to heat energy for the effective function of the unit. Solar energy passes through the effective absorber glass and heat up the water in the still unit which causes the water to vapourize. The vapour rises and condenses on the underside of the absorber glass to form droplet and run through, were purified water is collected via water outlet channel to the storage can. Some result gotten from the Experiment and calculations are as follows; intensity of the sun in Amassoma is 88W/m^2, Saturated Pressure is 102.146N/m^2,Evaporated heat transfer 10.31W/m^2K, and 10.83W/m^2 K and also mass of distilled water produce is 0.233Kg and 0.141Kg Respectively.
Keywords: Solar radiation, Evaporation, Condensation, Distillation of Water and Intensity of the Sun
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