FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to submit my research paper? What’s the process of publication of my paper?
The journal receives submitted manuscripts via online submission and email. Please submit your research paper in .doc or .pdf format to the submission online submission or email: editor@ijlrem.org
You’ll be given a paper number if your submission is successful. Your paper then will undergo peer review process, which may take approximately 03-04 Days under normal circumstances.
After blind peer review, you will receive the notification letter with the review result of your paper. If your paper gets accepted, then you may have your paper published by following the instructions in the notification letter and paying the publication fee.
2. Can I submit an abstract?
The journal publishes full research papers. So only full paper submission should be considered for possible publication. Papers with insufficient content may be
rejected as well, make sure your paper is sufficient enough to be published.

3. Should I revise the paper as your journal template before submission?
Yes. You’re supposed to format your paper first by following the template paper before submission. Submitted papers which are obviously not in accordance with the
template of the journal will not be considered for possible publication.
4. Is there a submission deadline for the upcoming issue?
Technically, the submission deadline should be three months before the publishing date of the upcoming issue. And the accurate publishing date depends on the
current publishing schedule and boils down to the time you have been waiting for.
5. How long will the review process take?
The journal performs peer blind review, which also has an efficient peer review and production process to facilitate rapid publication. Normally, submitted
will be reviewed within 03-04 Days of submission. You’ll be informed of the review result once the review process is over.

6. How much do you charge for publishing?
Is there any discount or free waiver provided to the authors?
IJLREM charges nominal publication fee to offset expenses associated with the overall journal operations, publishing and printing, mailing and shipping, website
maintenance. Each accepted paper will be charged 1900 INR or 50 USD for publishing.
7. How to pay fees?
There are following different ways to deposit fees:
1. By directly depositing in IJLREM bank account holder through nearby bank branch.
2. By transferring fees through their net banking option.
4. Pay Pal option of IJLREM Journal website.
5. Western Union Transfer option.
For more clarification feel free to mail us at editor@ijlrem.org

8. Do I need to submit the copyright form along with the manuscript?
Copyright form should be submitted along with paper submission or after acceptance.

9. Do you provide any certificate?
We have provide hard copy of certificates to all authors after online publication on his/her demand

10. Can I make any correction in my paper after the publication?
There is no scope of correction after the paper publication.

11. Is the publication fee Negotiable?
No, the publication fee is fixed.

12. Do you issue the official acceptance letter?
Yes, we can officially acknowledge the corresponding author about the acceptance of the article on his/her demand.