International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and management - IJLREM Welcomes the original acriticles in any discipline.
Topics: (Authors Can Submit Any Engineering science and Management paper, Not limited by below topics):

Aerospace Engineering, Automobiles,
Advances in Engineering Software,
Chemical Engineering, Systems and Structures,
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering,
Computers & Electrical Engineering,
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture,
Computers in Biology and Medicine,
Computers in Industry,
Control Engineering Practice,
Civil Engineering,
Cognition, Cognitive Systems Research, Data & Knowledge
Decision Support Systems,
Digital Investigation,
Digital Signal Processing,
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements,
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence,
Industrial Process Monitoring Techniques and Systems,
Manufacturing Technology,
Mechanical Engineering,
Mechanics, Nanotechnology,
Nuclear Engineering,
Offshore Engineering, Welding, Info security,
Interacting with Computers,
Knowledge-Based Systems,
Magnetic Resonance Imaging,
Materials Science and Engineering,
Microelectronic Engineering,
Microelectronics Reliability,
Microprocessors and Microsystems,
Neural Networks,
Neurocomputing, Ocean Modeling,
Optical Switching and Networking,
Optics & Laser Technology,
Optics and Lasers in Engineering,
Parallel Computing,
Pattern Recognition,
Signal Processing.

Business policies, strategies, and performance
Business and retail research
Business security and privacy issues
Consumer behavior
Marketing Management Financial Management
HR Management
Operations Management
IT Management
Supply Chain Management
Media Management
Rural Management
Agricultural Business Management
Business Communication
Mercantile Law
Corporate Social Responsibility
Business Ethics
Strategic Management
Public Sector Management
Emerging advances in business and its applications
Innovation and product development
International business issues
Management and retail marketing
Marketing management and strategies
Risk Management
Retail Management and communication
HR Management
HRM and Retail Business
Organizational Behaviour
Management Development
Accounting and Finance
Business Ethics
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Strategic Management
HR Management
Operations Management
R& D Management
Business Economics
Public Sector Management
Research Method
Business ethics and legal issues
Law and management
Innovation in Retail Management
Demographics and Retail Business
New venture start-up
MIS and Retail Management
Retail buying