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Volume 06 - Issue 08 (August 2022)


Title: Experimental Investigations of Hybrid Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Authors: Farhan Ahmed Khammas
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 01 - 04, Vol 06 - No. 08, 2022
Abstract: Wind vitality is additionally the foremost productive innovation to create vitality in a secure and ecologically economical way; it is zero emanations, nearby, limitless, etc. Wind vitality was tackled to run windmills and water pumps numerous a long time back, afterward on it was utilized to generate electricity through wind turbines which may be gotten to be the foremost prudent and natural neighborly source of power in numerous nations within the coming 10 to 20 years concurring to the worldwide measurements. In this paper, exploratory examinations of hybrid vertical hub wind turbine have been carried out to get the power coefficient Cp, yield control, and RPM with the wind speed and Tip Speed Ratio (TSR) of a hybrid three Straight-Bladed Darrieus-Vane kind wind turbine. The hybrid Straight-Bladed Darrieus-Vane kind VAWT has been outlined by implies the utilize of NACA0012 airfoil (made from PLA material) with three mobile vanes. This arrangement moreover makes a difference be freed of the issue of small self-starting torque of the Darrieus VAWT. The affects will show up from which azimuth angle of view (θ) for the Speed (5 m/s) the extreme torque would be. It will moreover exhibit the change within the effectivity of the Darrieus-type VAWT when the mobile vanes are included. This arrangement will make greater the positive torque on the course which turns towards the winding course the region the vanes are closed and the zone that's revealed to the wind is expanded, on the other hand, it diminishes the terrible torque on some different perspectives of the blade that turns inverse to the wind. The experimental tests of the hybrid Straight-Bladed Darrieus-Vane kind VAWT were carried out in infrasound wind tunnel at distinctive discuss speeds to get values for the vitality coming out of the turbine, power coefficient, and the number of turns (RPM), where found the most noteworthy esteem of the effective power coefficient Cp is (0.398) with a wind speed of 5 m/s and a Tip Speed Proportion of (TSR=0.89).
Keywords: Wind energy. Darrieus, Hybrid VAWT, Output power, Azimuth angle, TSR.
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