Volume 05 - Issue 09 (September 2021)


Title: The Evaluation of the Company "Case of the Company ABCD. SA"
Authors: El Khou Taoufik, Loulid Adil
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 01 - 23, Vol 05 - No. 09, 2021
Abstract: The main objective of valuing a company and its equity is, through the implementation of means and methods adapted to the particular case, to provide a range of values serving as a reference in the context of numerous transactions giving rise or not to transactions.
Our article proposes to present, in a more exhaustive way as possible, all the methods allowing to evaluate a company during a transaction and to compare the values which result from them.
As part of our work, we will rely on the accounting and financial data of the company "ABCD. SA"in order to determine its value range serving as a reference in the event of receipt of a public tender offer.
Keywords: Business valuation - business value - business valuation methods.
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