Volume 05 - Issue 07 (July 2021)


Title: Minimize Power Loss in Distribution System by Optimize Location and Sizing of Multiple DG with Algorithm Based Artificial Immune Systemn
Authors: M.W.Yaw, K.H.Chong, S.K.Tiong, S. P. Koh
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 01 - 09, Vol 05 - No. 07, 2021
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to minimize the power loss in distribution system by optimal the size and location of multiple distributed generations (DG). The optimum location and size of DGs are very challenging to minimize the power loss of the distribution system. The optimization techniques in Artificial Intelligence (AI) manage to solve such problem. The developed algorithm present in this paper which used for optimization is hybrid of based Artificial Immune System (AIS) with Genetic Algorithm (GA) which named as Three Parents Cross Transform of Artificial Immune System (X3PAIS).The proposed algorithm were tested in three benchmark mathematic test functions before apply in the distribution system. Standard IEEE-14 bus distribution system was used in this research.
Keywords: AIS, DG, distribution system, GA, optimization
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Title: Numerical Analysis of Multi-spiral Confinement in Rectangular Columns
Authors: Shamily Monikka K J, Nisha Varghese
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 10 - 15, Vol 05 - No. 07, 2021
Abstract: Appropriate design of confinement reinforcement in columns is basically critical for structures that need to persevere through strong earthquakes. This study presents the numerical analysis on multi- spiral confinement for rectangular reinforced concrete columns through investigation and assessment of various configurations in axial compression through the finite element analysis (FEA) method using ANSYS Software. Confinement designs, including conventional configuration and different multi-spiral configurations were evaluated in a series of axial compression loading. The outcomes show that the specimens with multi-spiral configurations exhibited higher compressive strengths and energy capacities than those with rectilinear conventional confinement designs. Among them, five spirals configuration showed better confinement and therefore, was chosen for additional study. A detailed parametric study was carried for 5S confinement designs. Test variables include spiral diameter ratio and center to center spiral spacing. The efficiency of multi-spiral confinement in rectangular columns was clear through this study.
Keywords: Confinement, Multi-spiral, Axial compression, FEA
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Title: Perception of digital marketing in the clients of the Interbank Bank of the city of Ica
Authors: Alejandro Quispe, Alejandro Maldonado, MariaCacsire
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 16 - 21, Vol 05 - No. 07, 2021
Abstract: This article is aimed at knowing the perception of customers in relation to digital marketing, based on the services offered by the Interbank bank in the city of Ica, which has changed from a traditional form of service in the branch, to a banking by means of the telephone, to later innovate to an electronic banking and at this moment to financial services based on mobile devices.
It is concluded that the application of digital marketing at the Interbank bank headquarters in the city of Ica, presents some difficulties, determining that customers enter social networks to carry out banking transactions, and in a smaller percentage enter their mobile and then enter to the website, an aspect that must be improved, many times due to ignorance the service is not used from the mobile device. Also, that the use of the web page is easy and the client feels comfortable when accessing it, in addition the client values telephone consultations, but has difficulties in relation to virtual consultations, not achieving quick answers to their request.
Keywords: Digital Marketing, Innovation, Mobile Banking, Customer Service.
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