Volume 05 - Issue 05 (May 2021)


Title: Implementing effective mechatronics applications towards enhanced productivity in ginning factory
Authors: Dr.Ashok G. Matani, Chetana Bhagat
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 01 - 04, Vol 05 - No. 05, 2021
Abstract: In this paper the author proposes a system to improve the productivity of ginning factory with the help of mechatronics concept. In large and growing factories, there is still some work that is carried out by the human beings like keeping record of measurements and moving bales of cotton from pressing unit to measurement & from measurement to storage room. This manual work can be reduced and will result in improving productivity with the help of some electro-mechanical arrangements.
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Title: Implementing effective work study techniques towards enhancing productivity in painting industries
Authors: Dr. Ashok G. Matani, Atuj Bawane
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 05 - 10, Vol 05 - No. 05, 2021
Abstract: Many countries have joined in the competition. to capture the global market, it is required to improve the productivity in small scale industry there are many factors that affecting the productivity of manufacturing organization. The most tackled issue is how to improve the productivity. Work study technique is one of the best productivity improvement techniques. Work study is defined as it is a generic term, which is used in the examination of human work, systematic recording and critical examination of existing and proposed ways of doing work, as means of developed and apply easier and more effective method and reducing cost, and to measure the time spent by an average worker to complete a given task. In this research paper od productivity improvement in small scale industry, some changes in painting section have been suggested using time study technique which leads to productivity improvement, reduction in process time, production cost, labour cost.
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