Volume 05 - Issue 01 (January 2021)


Title: method for robust principal component analysis based on l1/2 norm
Authors: Baicai Xue, Tao Yan
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 01 - 07, Vol 05 - No. 01, 2021
Abstract: Robust Principal Component analysis (RPCA) can separate a low-rank matrix and a sparse matrix from a given data matrix. It can be applied in many engineering area, such as Video surveillance,Face Recognition and so on. In this paper, we use l1/2 norm to get an improved non-convex model without a regularization term. Based on the new model, we apply the ADMM algorithm to solve the original RPCA problem. The convergence analysis of the method is also presented. Numerical experiments show the efficiency of the new model and method
Keywords: RPCA, l1/2 norm,non-convex
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Title: An Electrical and Fire Safety Solution for Bathroom Appliances
Authors: Nguyen Ba Hieu, Nguyen Tai Tuyen
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 08 - 12, Vol 05 - No. 01, 2021
Abstract: The article presents an electrical and fire safety solution for bathroom equipment thanks to an additional smart module [6], [7] to monitor water, power, voltage leaks and temperature over the threshold allowed. The article also presents an effective way of using the bathroom device when pairing smart module with IoT [2],[3], [4], [5] to increase the utility of the device for effective remote monitoring and controlling of the device. Thanks to the smart module, bathroom equipment will help prevent people from the risk of fire in high-rise buildings, mostly caused by bathroom equipment.
Keywords: Bathroom equipment, smart module, IoT pairing, power monitoring.
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Title: Visitor Satisfaction Analysis in the Tourism Object of Semarang City, Indonesia
Authors: Gita Sugiyarti, Aris Mardiyono
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 13 - 21, Vol 05 - No. 01, 2021
Abstract: This study aims to analyze the effect of facilities, promotions on visitor satisfaction. Influence of facilities, promotions and satisfaction on visitor decisions. The research population is visitors to Semarang city attractions: Maritime Tourism (Marina Beach), Nature Tourism (Gunung Pati Kreo Cave), Religious Tourism (Sam Poo Kong Temple), Historical Tourism (Lawang Sewu). The samples were 213 respondents with accidental sampling method through the non probability sampling approach. Data collection using a questionnaire. While analyzing the data with multiple regression analysis and path analysis. The findings show that facilities and promotions have a significant positive effect on visitor satisfaction. Facilities, promotions and tourist satisfaction have a significant positive effect on the decision of tourists to visit.
Keywords: Facilities, Promotion, Satisfaction, Visiting Decisions
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Title: A Literature Review Perspective on Christian music in the context of African cultural complexities
Authors: Mr. Chepkwony Paul, Prof. Nyakora Musa O.
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 22 - 28, Vol 05 - No. 01, 2021
Abstract: Christian music in African has overtime gained popularity with the rise of various religious groups using music to appeal to the conscience of their audience because of the love of music as part of the African cultural practices. This article seeks to review various literature to understand how to integrate the biblical understanding of Christian music with the complexities of African cultural singing objective. It has been proofed that Africans by nature are socially enriched through entertainment especially through music (Kwabena, 2000) and thus is believed to be one way of reaching many cultures in Africa especially with the gospel. Couple with the influx of modern music trends, religious singing in general is facing a number of issues including temptation to compromise biblical principles in an attempt to appeal to the African cultural mindset. This has led to differing contextualized Christian music approaches that seem to differ from one culture to another dictated by the African traditional singing perspective on one hand and interests of the many religious singing groups and solo artists on the other hand which have sprung up moving masses after them when performing their artistry. They all have divergent approaches to gospel music and trying to outdo one another and competitively changing tact and dynamically in disregard of the principles of Christian singing as embedded in the Bible. This literature review therefore attempts to incorporate cross-cultural theories, Christian music literature and Biblical counsel in the understanding of African music complexities with a view of aligning them with biblically based music guiding principles and approaches with relevant recommendations highlighted
Keywords: Music, Christian Music, African Culture, Biblical Counsel, Guiding Principle.
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