Volume 04 - Issue 08 (August 2020)


Authors: Anil Patnaik, K. Dheeraj, K. Manigandan and T. S. Srivatsan
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 01 - 18, Vol 04 - No. 08, 2020
Abstract: Through the years’ stainless steels have gained increased attention for use as a potentially viable reinforcement in concrete structure that are often chosen for use in a spectrum of applications in the domains spanning civil construction, transportation and infrastructure development. This is essentially because of the superior resistance of stainless steel and resultant concrete structure to environment-induced degradation, which is referred to in the real-world as ‘corrosion’. In this paper, the specific role of composition of the chosen stainless steel in synergism with secondary processing, i.e., heat treatment, in influencing microstructural development through the formation and presence of phases and other intrinsic microstructural features is highlighted. The conjoint influence of intrinsic microstructural features and nature of loading on hardness, strength, tensile response and cyclic fatigue response is neatly presented and appropriately discussed. The mutually interactive influences of intrinsic microstructural effects and nature of loading, i.e., quasi-static and cyclic, on macroscopic fracture behavior and intrinsic mechanisms governing fracture at the fine microscopic level is presented and briefly discussed.
Keywords: Stainless steel, composition, processing, microstructure, mechanical response, fracture behavior
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Title: A Review of Innovation and Smart City Concept
Authors: Prof Mehmet Fatih Altan, Mehmet Çağrı Kızıltaş, Dr. Yunus Emre Ayözen
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 19 - 21, Vol 04 - No. 08, 2020
Abstract: Smart city is an output of technology, innovation, sustainability, urbanization and planning. In this century it is a key factor for an effective and efficient transportation. In this paper firstly background for and point of view of smart cities are reviewed. Then sustainability perspective isgiven. After these, smart city and its concept are evaluated. Lastly conclusions are shared.
Keywords: City, concepts, efficiency, necessities, transportation
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Title: Assessment of Existing Coating System and Test Repainting System on Steel Bridge in Myanmar
Authors: Pyae Phyo Sandar Lin, Thinzar Khaing
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 22 - 29, Vol 04 - No. 08, 2020
Abstract: In Myanmar, corrosion problem of steel bridges due to coating deterioration are much severe. So corrosion protection techniques for repainting system is needed in Myanmar. This paper represents the existing coating deterioration on truss and after that test repainting systems of Min Chaung Bridge, Rakhine State, Myanmar. Min Chaung Bridge was chosen for test repainting system because Rakhine State is high atmospheric corrosivity category (C4). The aim of this study is to assess the preliminary assessment of the bridge truss coating for pilot repainting. It contains assessment for evaluation of measuring coating thickness, surface salinity and surface treatment method. The results of this investigation are that minimum coating thickness is less than MOC (Ministry of Construction) requirement and in some points; thicknesses are larger than 1.5 times - 2.5times.The existing coating thickness is in the range of 140m - 720m for all diagonals of truss. For test repainting system, after three months period data are compared. Almost all coating thickness data and gloss retention data decrease for all cases except some points.
Keywords: Coating deterioration, coating thickness, evaluation, repainting, gloss retention.
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Title: Comparison Analysis and Study of Accident Blackspots between Two Years of Highway
Authors: Moe Thet Thet Aye, Kyaing, Khaing Zar Win
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 30 - 38, Vol 04 - No. 08, 2020
Abstract: In this study, the analysis of the accident conditions on Yangon-Bago Highway Road during 2010 and 2018 are compared and the accident blackspots along this highway are identified with frequency method and Severity Index Method. The gender percentage involved in accidents, accident types, accident frequency, time of accident, types of vehiclesinvolved in accident, causes of accident, priority values and severity index values are analyzed in detail for identifying the hazardous zones or blackspots of this highway.Traffic accidents are unavoidable and unexpectable matter in human life and so highway safety is an important role in transportation engineering. Nowadays, road traffic accidents lead the social problems such as causes of fatality, disabilities and loss of property. There are many other factors which contribute directly or indirectly to the accidents. The identification of blackspots or hazardous locations of road traffic accidents is an important role for improving the highway safety. Road safety becomes an essential tool in the world due to its climbing to higher ranks in the causes of death annually. In this study, it is observed that 3 blackspots in 2010 and 14 blackspots in 2018. Knowing blackspots or high hazardous zones can help in reducing the road accidents and increasing the safety for all road users travelling on this road.
Keywords: Traffic Accidents, Blackspots, Hazardous Zones, Safety.
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