Volume 04 - Issue 02 (February 2020)


Title: Leadership and Spirituality in Practice: Literature Review on Humility as Distinctive Mark of Transformational Leadership
Authors: Hendjena Tchanaga Richard, Prof. Nyakora Musa O.
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 01 - 07, Vol 04 - No. 02, 2020
Abstract: Humility is key to a successful transformational leader that needs to be admired, inspirer, motivator, innovative, creative, and genuine concerned to the followers.The supreme self-reliance of the magnanimous man implies the lack of two others traits: humility and piety.
The greatest leaders of our world, those that have left their mark on history in transformative ways, understood the deep link between their leadership calling and their humility in seeing themselves as servants to something much greater than themselves. This paper aims to review several literature materials and relevant contributions reflecting on the subject of leadership and spirituality.
Keywords: Transformational, Humility, Leadership, Spirituality, Practice.
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