Volume 03 - Issue 11 (November 2019)


Title: Importance of Management Research Development in Society
Authors: Prof. Dr. Iwasan D. Kejawa
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 01 - 02, Vol 03 - No. 11, 2019
Abstract: Research has shown that modalities of research development are the qualitative and the quantitative projections of the outcomes. Since there are enormous entities of development involve in the evolvement of results, therefore it must be stated clearly at the early stage what is expected of research. That is, hypothesis must exist. It has been made known that management research rests solely on the common awareness of its solitude. It is very importance to have innovative goals as to the disposal of the results. To develop a product is an important part of management research and preparedness of surviving in the society. Development research is part of sailing through life.
The involvement of research is based on the philosophical ideologies of sociological, economical, psychological and political stability in the society.
The globalization of ethical prowess remained is an important aspect of research development in the society. The facts that research development is an important issue are surrounded by the ideologies of individualism (Kejawa, 2013).
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Title: Influence Analysis of Social Responsibility Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility on Brand Image and Customer Loyalty of PT. Astra International
Authors: Yahya Abdul Khannan, Sri Setya Handayani
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 03 - 10, Vol 03 - No. 11, 2019
Abstract: The application of marketing strategies plays an important role in efforts to increase the number of sales and market penetration, especially in competitive market conditions. Marketing strategies and social activities undertaken determine the sustainability and development of the company. This research was conducted with the aim to see the influence of marketing strategies and social activities carried out by the company on brand image and consumer loyalty. This study used a non-probability sampling convience sampling method by distributing questionnaires to 110 respondents. The results of this study indicate that social-based marketing and corporate social responsibility have a positive influence on brand image, while social-based marketing variables and corporate social responsibility do not have a direct positive influence on customer loyalty. But social-based marketing and corporate social responsibility have an indirect influence on customer loyalty through Brand Image. The results of this study also show that Brand Image has a positive influence on customer loyalty.
Keywords: Brand Image, Coorporate Social Responsibility, Customer Loyalty, Social Responsibility Marketing
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Title: An Empirical Study on Augmented Reality
Authors: Mr. Shubham S. Tekade, Mr. Jayant Kumar R. Charakhe, Prof. Anurag Dwivedi
Source: International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Management, pp 11 - 14, Vol 03 - No. 11, 2019
Abstract: The technology that joins visual perception of real world environments to the things with virtual, computer-generated content. Augmented reality systems achieve this combination of the real and virtual using computers, displays, specialized devices for geospatial and graphic alignment, wired and wireless networks and software.Research in augmented reality draws on development from a number of other fields including virtual reality, wearable and ubiquitous computing, and human-computer interaction. Whereas virtual reality and virtual worlds immerse the subject in computer-simulated environment, augmented reality augments and annotates the natural environment with virtual components. Augmented reality brings virtual reality into the real world and in the process enhances what we can do in real-world scenarios.This history of augmented reality can be traced to work done at MIT in the late 1960s. In the ensuing decades, a growing cadre of researchers in university, medical, industrial and military settings built upon the early breakthroughs. Distinct applications of augmented reality followed, and today we are witnessing a dazzling array of change in across a wide range of industries and disciplines.
Keywords: Virtual Reality, Wireless network, Augments, Tracking, Digital image, Real time.
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